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Switches  (in Alphabetical Order)

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An international provider of leading-edge software products for EFT Authorization & Switching, ATM Management, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Risk Management and Payments Integration Appliances.  Alaric’s principal focus is providing business-driven technology software products for the payment industry that meet both business demands and evolving industry regulations. Alaric’s products can be used by credit/debit issuers, retailers, acquirers (both ATM and merchant) and payment processors.


Authentic delivers highly configurable authorization and switching solutions, with powerful user defined capabilities for managing business logic and rapidly building interfaces between multiple networks, devices, internal systems.


  • Comprehensive framework for EFT authorisation & Switching, ATM Management, Risk Management and Payments Integration

  • Fully EMV smart card enabled and PCI DSS PABP certified

  • Fast time to market – responsive to ever-changing business needs.

  • Business user configuration – control over business logic, authorization rules and risk management.  Provides protection of existing investment through seamless integration of new business processing.

  • New interfaces, messages and transactions are configured, not coded – a new interface can be developed in days rather than the weeks or months of traditional systems.

  • Allows ATM owners and service providers to operate and manage their acquiring network and devices and supports a complete transaction set including fast cash, balance enquiries and mobile top up (variety of device standards supported including NDC+ and D912)

  • Linearly scalable, multi-processor solution giving high performance and high availability, plus the ability to cope with the needs of the smallest regional institutions through to the largest global organisations

  • Platform independent – wide choice of vendor including Stratus, IBM, Sun & HP

  • Easy integration and migration of legacy authorization systems – faster implementation timescales



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