· Pre– Engagement Questionnaire

This is an outline of what is required in order for RJT to do an assessment of the work required for the project.


· Defined Work plan

A plan is created for the BCP project, outlining all areas to assess and this is presented to the customer


· Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

In this area we meet with critical personnel and define the cost and situations  that can possibly create an impact on the organization, outlining what services are critical and a possible $ value


· Risk Assessment

This is the identification of exposures that can impact the operation, and the possible measures for containment of impact, along with backup methodology, reviewing document and change control methodology and retention of records, along with appropriate insurance coverage


· Emergency Response Assessment

The collection of all emergency and damage control processes currently developed, with a full review and discussion and appropriate modifications


· Business Interruption Analysis

Here we review and document the business process flows and analyse any recent interruptions, with a view to time lines for recovery and cost. We prepare a Strategy for each Business unit and obtain Management Concurrence


· Strategy

Here we prepare a cost / benefit analysis  on engaging a 3rd party site (hot/cold), identify the services to be immediately recovered, prepare a recovery time line and prepare the strategy for the Business Units.



· Business Continuity Plan


The preparation  of a complete plan including expected available staff, review inputs from  vendors and customers as to their availability (e.g. storage etc). Document and review insurance coverage, and if required obtain service commitments from critical inter-dependencies.

· Plan Maintenance

Help develop and communicate a plan for Maintenance of the BCP


· Testing

Develop objectives and scope for the test along with measurement criteria. Where necessary prepare test scripts. Conduct the test and modify the BCP


· Proven Methodology

  A methodology used in many BCP 

Exercises worldwide.



Your BCP project will consist of: