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The AScert Payment Testing Tools solution is a multi-threaded, plug-in-based software architecture which has been designed, from the ground up, to simplify the task of developing and testing transaction-based payment networks and applications.  It supports a wide range of protocols including Visa BASE I, MasterCard V5, MasterCard CIS, MasterCard GCIS, American Express AEIPS, ACI BASE24, GICC, ZVT, APACS 30/40, SPDH, HPDH, SAMA MBI 3, SAMA MBI 5.2, SAMA EFTPOS, GCCNet and others.  The software supports full EMV and magnetic stripe issuing, acquiring and terminal emulation, as well as a wide range of transaction types including purchase, purchase with cashback, cash advance, logon, reconciliation, logoff and many more.  For EMV, the issuing host offers full support for single and multiple issuer scripts with full cryptographic support, while a separate module provides fully-configurable EMV card personalization services.