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Press Releases

  • Signing of agreement with Tenet Computers for PINpoint

R and J Turnbull Ltd selected to distribute PINpoint BCP application for Blackberry - click above to see

  • Signing of Agreement with Line Xero

    RiskTaker is selected by R and J Turnbull for the Caribbean

    Melton Mowbray UK, 27th June 2008 – Caribbean company R and J Turnbull Ltd based in Barbados has agreed to become the exclusive agent for the Caribbean Region, for Line Xero Ltd’s range of Business Continuity Risk Management Software products. Bob Turnbull CEO of Rand J Turnbull Ltd stated: “that he was excited to be able to bring leading edge technology to facilitate local Companies to be more effective in the management of their Business Continuity and Risk Management Process.


    Carl L Booth, Director of Line Xero Ltd, stated: "We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with R & J Turnbull Ltd, whose in-depth knowledge of Business Continuity will allow them to bring conformity to Risk Governance in the Caribbean Region and in surrounding countries through the marketing and distribution of the RiskTaker software”.


    Contact: For further information about the RiskTaker software or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Bob Tunbull – Tel: +1 246 428 3397 or by email: turnb@randjt.com

    About Line Xero

    Line Xero is a consultancy and technology solutions provider focused on enabling the UK’s essential industries including utilities, transport and the public sector. The company provides web based risk governance solutions to a number of the UK’s top enterprises.

    Founded in 1990, Line Xero has developed a record of strong and consistent achievement, working in close partnership with leading organisations to drive real performance increases through the delivery of intelligent customer solutions.

  • R and J Turnbull Ltd in Association with BHTA and DEM do survey in Barbados on BCP

    In an effort to understand the current position of preparedness of businesses in Barbados, R & J Turnbull Ltd in association with the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association and the Department of Emergency Management  are conducting a nationwide survey of Business Continuity Planning amongst Businesses in Barbados, beginning November  9th, with responses closing on November 26th, 2008. Wherever possible questionnaires will be sent in the mail. We would like to request that,  If any business does not receive one, they can complete one on-line at www.randjt.com/contact/contact.htm and return it via email to turnb@randjt.com.

    We would like to urge all businesses to take part and would like to thank in advance all businesses for their cooperation in this exercise.

    Statistics will be made public as soon as they become available.

  • R and J Turnbull Ltd signs agreement with Recovery Planner to market their BCP software in the Caribbean

    See full press release


  • R and J Turnbull Ltd Completes Business Continuity Plan for Dover Beach Hotel in Barbados

         See full press release 

  • Jamaica national Building Society completes Business Continuity plan using R and J Turnbull Ltd

See Full Press Release

  • R and J Turnbull Ltd and RedUSA sign marketing agreement for Prism fraud software

See Full Press Release

  • R and J Turnbull attend Spring 2010 in Orlando

  • R and J Turnbull Ltd Sign with Tenet Computers to market PINpoint application in Caribbean, completing offering to BCM market

  • See Full Press Release

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