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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I do A BCP when I have disaster recovery
A: It is quite simple DR generally only covers IT or maybe machinery, Business Continuity is a plan and review of all aspects of your business, with a view as to how it can be continued in the case of an event. In fact here is the definition of BCP:

Contingency planning is the process of identifying risks from disruption of operations and services. The objectives are to:

  • minimize disruptions of service to the institution and its customers,
  • minimize financial loss, and,
  • ensure a timely resumption of operations in the event of a disaster.

Q: Will BCP guarantee my business will be back operational
A: No it cannot guarantee anything, but it can ensure that everything is in place for a quick recovery and can also define which parts of the business are a priority in order for the business to survive the event.

Q: I already have a BCP why should I use outside Help

A: Outside consultants deal with many organisations and come across many things that may not be apparent to in house BCP personnel. Outside consultants are generally cost effective and focused. External consultants are not part of the internal politics of an organisation.

Q: I am small and don't really need a plan

A: Wrong, you can never tell what is going to happen or when or how it will affect your organisation, It is often the most simple things that cause the most problems for a small business, things like access to the office can close a business, power supply failure, phone failure etc.

Q: I can't afford it my business is to small

A: Wrong no business is to small and you cannot afford NOT to have a plan, that is if you want to continue operating.

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