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R and J Turnbull Ltd

R and J Turnbull was formed as a private business entity in 2004 in Barbados. It’s founder Bob Turnbull and partner Jan Turnbull come from varied backgrounds with Bob having spent almost his whole working life in technology and financial services and Jan coming from a background of teaching, accounting, office management and manufacturing.


The business was formed as a consultancy business primarily aimed at the Business Continuity planning and Financial markets, with an emphasis on Full Business Continuity Planning/ I.T. DR Management. It has worked with companies in France, Dubai, Ireland, Barbados, Jamaica USA, Canada,  UK and Iran doing a variety of consulting services. As the business began expanding in 2007, it was formerly launched as an incorporated company in Barbados

How we are moving forward

Once the company was incorporated we took the decision that we needed to have more than just consulting in our business portfolio and so we began actively formulating agreements not only to consult but to also offer focused software solutions. We carefully selected the best solutions available in the marketplace and now have in place exclusive agreements with companies  from the USA for the latest in Business Continuity Planning and program management tools and service.


In order to facilitate this expansion, RJT has teamed up with a set of professionals mainly from the Caribbean, who bring additional knowledge and experience and are allowing the company to broaden its horizons even further, bidding for contracts in  many parts of Africa, the Middle East, the UK, Europe and the Caribbean.


We have now completed BCP management programs in the following industry segments:

  • Financial Services - Building Societies, Credit Unions, Fund Managers and Finance companies

  • Hospitality - Hotels

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail and Distribution

  • Education - University IT depts



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Working with RJT's trusted consultants will bring your business the results it needs

Be it in BCP, Payment Systems, Card Fraud, Pc / data security, ATM Simulators, Payment System Testing Tools or Disaster Recovery, we have the  people with the knowledge and tools to help you through your project.