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R and J Turnbull Ltd has consolidated a team of seasoned professionals who bring, knowledge, deliverability, experience and the ability to deliver YOUR requirements.


Dinsdale St P Laing

Dinsdale Laing has over 23 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Through his knowledge of networking, Systems and project management he has successfully designed, implemented and supported IT systems throughout the Caribbean region's financial sector.

Mr. Laing founded cariNET, which was incorporated in 1994, offering networking design, implementation and support along with training in UNIX. Mr. Laing was contracted by TCS
Canada and through cariNET, acted as their local representative successfully implementing Local and Wide Area Networks to support MultiLink (Jamaica's national debit card network) and CarIFS (Barbados' national debit card network) as well as assisting in all the financial institution's certifications.

Mr. Laing continues implementing and providing support for card switching systems (IST & Postilion) with a number of Jamaican and Barbados based financial institutions, as well as design and implement Local and Wide Area Networks across the Caribbean. In addition he provides RJT with IT technical support for Business Continuity Planning.


Clive Bailey

Clive has been employed in international and domestic banks for around 30 years, with a variety of management positions, including credit card manager of one of the largest banks in Trinidad & Tobago. His speciality in the team is his expertise in the areas of preparing business and technical feasibility studies and implementing turnkey solutions for ATM, credit, debit card and banking application systems. Clive also has vast hands on experience in implementing turnkey solutions for the major credit/debit card products as well as implementing acquiring systems for Internet and point of sale acquiring banks. He has project managed banking application system implementations and assisted commercial banks in systems and operational compliance for major credit/debit card networks, including assisting a regional card processor to re-engineer its technical and operations systems. Clive has also worked in implementing an Automated Clearing House Direct Deposits and Debits for a local bank in Jamaica


Leonard Lander

 Leonard has over twenty five years experience in financial systems. Dynamic and versatile professional with experience in Electronic Systems and Project Management, supporting clients to deploy new technologies, services and products. Prior to stepping out on his own Leonard worked for eighteen years at a major commercial bank in Trinidad. Subsequent to his tenure at the bank he successfully project managed the implementation of national debit switch in Barbados. Conducted Visa and MasterCard certification at commercial banks in the Caribbean Region. Developed Request for Proposals (RFP) evaluated response, towards acquisition of transaction switching technologies at commercial banks in the Caribbean region.

Leonard continues to support clients in business process re-engineering and has done work for a major Caribbean online gaming institution to streamline its operational process. Provided expertise to Credit/ Debit card processing company towards establishing the necessary operational structures and technology to increase, transaction throughput and profitability.

Executive Team

Bob Turnbull  MBCI, CBCI

Bob has an immense history of working in the Financial and technology sectors, having worked in operations, analysis and programming in IT and then project, customer service, sales and consultancy in Payment systems, planning strategies, implementing projects and managing rfp's, for over 30 years. In addition he has provided Business Continuity Planning consultancy, to the Financial, Hotel/Tourism, Retail/Service, Education and Manufacturing sectors. Having worked in Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, Iran and the Caribbean. He has achieved the CBCI accreditation from the Business Continuity Institute in the United Kingdom of which he also has MBCI membership

Jan Turnbull

Jan a founder in the company, has a long history of managing multiple company accounts in manufacturing and brings the required Financial  and Company Management skills to R and J Turnbull Ltd.

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