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Web-Based Planning Software

About RecoveryPlanner.com – Business Continuity Management

Founded by experts in disaster recovery, business continuity and emergency response in 1999, RecoveryPlanner assists organizations with making BCP uncomplicated.  Hundreds of thousands of users across all industries rely on RecoveryPlanner.  RecoveryPlanner.com delivers Business Continuity Management, with the web-based RecoveryPlanner® business continuity software.

Coupled with attentive and expert services, RecoveryPlanner® RPX software uniquely provides an integrated business continuity planning (BCP) system for all stages of business continuity planning and recovery supports all stages of business continuity planning and management.  The software helps simplify and accelerate risk assessment, business impact analysis (BIA); plan development, testing, distribution, updating and auditing; interactive event and crisis recovery management, communications and emergency notification services.